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Before The Fame

PG: Torn

SG: Stun

SF: KingsWorld 

PF: Komp

C: Wale

Only Trynna Win

PG: Uncle Brazy

SG:  Uncle Taeski

SF: TheEliteClub

PF: xCordialx

C: Savageliving

Before The Fame defeats Only Trynna Win 82-62

Keys To The Series 

Torn was effective from the field throughout as Uncle Taeski struggled to stay in front of him. He stockpiled 27 points, shooting a solid 58 percent from the field while doing a good job of facilitating.

Uncle Brazy was unproductive from the field throughout the game as he shot a subpar 37 percent from the field with KingsWorld doing a fantastic job smothering him defensively as he struggled to find an offensive rhythm.

Before The Fame did an excellent job wreaking havoc defensively, frequently forcing turnovers. They were constantly able to convert those turnovers into points on the offensive end.

Before The Fame was able to take advantage of a strong second quarter, outscoring Only Trynna Win 22-9. Never looking back, they went on to complete their dominant victory.

Savageliving was effective from the field from start to finish. He accumulated 14 points, shooting an outstanding 85 percent from the field. In the end, it wasn’t enough as inefficient offense and turnovers was the thorn in the side for Only Trynna Win in this game.

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