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Bench All Stars

PG: Matty

SG: Bsmoove

SF: Zae

PF: May

C: Sawc

Liquid Deception

PG: Mai

SG: Trey

SF: Icyy 

PF: iamDvpe

C: Dtrick 

Game One: Bench All Stars defeats Liquid Deception 45-35

Game Two: Bench All Stars defeats Liquid Deception 49-38

Keys To The Series 

In game one, Matty was efficient from the field throughout the game as Icyy struggled to stay in front of him at times. He accumulated 15 points, shooting an effective 50 percent from the field. 

Mai was unproductive from the field in game one as Matty did a great job suffocating him defensively throughout. He collected 5 points, shooting a dreadful 25 percent from the field, turning the ball over six times.

Bench All Stars did a tremendous job wreaking havoc defensively throughout game one. They were regularly able to force turnovers and convert those turnovers in points on the offensive end. 

Trey was effective from start to finish in game one He stockpiled 16 points, shooting 60 percent from the field with Bsmoove struggling to stay in front of him at times. Ultimately, it wasn’t enough, as inconsistent offense and turnovers proved to be costly as Liquid Deception fell to Bench All Stars in game one.

Zae led the way for Bench All Stars throughout game two, gathering 16 points, shooting a spectacular 70 percent from the field due to the defensive miscues from Dtrick defensively.

Matty followed up his spectacular performance in game one with a dominant game two as he was able to wreak havoc defensively from start to finish. Mai shot a mediocre 25 percent from the field as he struggled to find an offensive rhythm throughout game two.

Trey followed up his solid performance in game one with another above average performance in game two . He picked up 14 points, shooting a quality 60 percent from the field. In the end, it wasn’t quite enough as missed shots and turnovers continued to plaque Liquid Deception in game two.

Bench All Stars took advantage of several missed shots and turnovers in game two by converting those missed shots and turnovers into points offensively.

After outscoring Liquid Deception 12-7 in the third quarter of game two, Bench All Stars never looked back, defeating Liquid Deception and moving on to the next round.

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