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Bench All Stars 

PG: Matty

SG: Bsmoove

SF: Zae

PF: May


Team Purge 

PG: JTheWorm

SG: Leewski

SF: MostHatedWade


C: TheStarCalledB

Bench All Stars defeats Team Purge 42-16

Keys To The Series

Bsmoove was effective from the field throughout the game. He collected 11 points, shooting a solid 57 percent from the field , thanks to the defensive shortcomings from JTheWorm defensively.

JTheWorm was adequate from the field as Matty did a fantastic job of wreaking havoc defensively. JTheWorm gathered a dreadful 4 points shooting 50 percent from the field. Incoptitent offense and turnovers throughout the game proved to be costly for Team Purge.

Bench All Stars did a tremendous job forcing turnovers throughout the game, frequently converting those turnovers into points.

Bench All Stars was able to take advantage of a dominant first quarter, outscoring Team Purge 20-8. From that point forward, they never looked back, going on to claim the commanding victory.

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