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SG: Johnny

SF: Dee

PF: Jolo

C: Dimez

Bench All Stars

PG: Matty 

SG: Bsmoove

SF: Zae

PF: May

C: Sawc

Game One: Breakout defeats Bench All Stars 61-45

Game Two: Breakout defeats Bench All Stars 58-53

Keys To The Series 

In game one, Johnny was exceptional from start to finish thanks to the defensive shortcomings from Matty and Bsmoove. He stockpiled 22 points, shooting an amazing 90 percent from the field.

Matty was ineffective from the field throughout game one as Dee did a wonderful job wreaking havoc defensively. He limited Matty to 7 points, shooting a mere 25 percent from the field.

Breakout was able to take advantage of a strong third quarter, outscoring Bench All Stars 15-11. From that point forward, Breakout never looked back, defeating Bench All Stars to take a 1-0 series lead. 

In game two, CP was remarkable from the field as Matty struggled to contain him defensively. He collected a fascinating 26 points, shooting 66 percent from the field. He also did a wonderful job facilitating and limiting his turnovers.

Matty was tremendous from the field throughout game two as Dee struggled to stay in front of him. He collected an astonishing 25 points, shooting a solid 66 percent from the field. He did a great job of limiting his turnovers as well but ultimately wasn’t enough as missed shots and defensive woes continued to plague Bench All Stars. 

Bsmoove struggled to find any form of offensive consistency throughout game two, shooting a subpar 25 percent from the field. This ultimately cost Bench All Stars as they went on to drop game two of the best-of-three series as well.

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