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Zero Gaming

PG: Tay

SG: Gazuli

SF: Bag

PF: Djay

C: Willosauce

Built For This 

PG: Antoine 

SG: Simptoms 

SF: Logic 

PF: Perm

C: Amazing 

Game One: Zero Gaming defeats Built For This 47-46

Game Two: Zero Gaming defeats Built For This 42-18

Keys To The Series 

In game one, Antoine was solid from the field as Bag struggled to stay in front of him defensively. He accumulated 20 points, shooting 63 percent from the field. Ultimately, insufficient offense and turnovers down the stretch proved to be costly as they dropped game one in a nail biting finish. Antoine did an adequate job facilitating and minimizing his turnovers.

Tay was unproductive from the field as Logic did a fantastic job suffocating him defensively, He racked up 11 points, shooting a dreadful 33 percent from the field as he struggled to find any offensive consistency.

Built For This was able to take advantage of a commanding fourth quarter, outscoring Zero Gaming 15-8. In the end, it was too little too late as a missed shot from Logic with four seconds remaining in the fourth quarter was the nail in the coffin as Built for this dropped game one.

In game two, Gazuli was stellar from the field throughout the game thanks to the defensive shortcomings from Simptoms. He tallied 14 points, shooting an above average 63 percent from the field, leading Zero Gaming to a dominant game two victory.

Antoine was futile from the field throughout game two with zero points due to Bag doing a remarkable job wreaking havoc defensively. Ineffectual offense and turnovers led to the demise of Built For This in game two.

Simptoms was amazing from the field throughout game two thanks to the occasional defensive blunders from Gazuli. He chalked up 18 points, shooting 63 percent from the field. Stationary offense and turnovers proved to be the thorn in the side for Built For This throughout game two.

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