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Liquid Aftermath 

PG: Mooch

SG: Jyden

SF: Luxe

PF: Oreo

C: Peroxide

We The Ones

PG: Kenny

SG: Numbers 

SF: Timely 

PF: TsJosh

C: KingQuai

Game One: Liquid Aftermath defeats We The Ones 66-58

Game Two: Liquid Aftermath defeats We The Ones 63-60

Keys To The Series 

In game one, Kenny was dominant throughout the first half. He stockpiled 23 of his 28 points in that half. He shot 64 percent from the field, thanks to the defensive mishaps from Luxe. Inefficient offensive throughout the second half proved costly for We The Ones as they were outscored 15-7 in the fourth quarter. He did a solid job of facilitating and limiting his turnovers.

In game two, Kenny was efficient from the field as Luxe struggled to contain him. He accumulated 23 points, shooting a superior 62 percent from the field. He did a solid job facilitating, but six turnovers from Kenny proved to be the thorn in the side for We The Ones as they dropped the series 0-2.

In game one, Jyden was spectacular from the field collecting 21 points while shooting a stellar 70 percent from the field thanks to the defensive miscues from We The Ones. He also did a wonderful job minimizing his turnovers. 

In game two, Mooch was unproductive from the field as Timely did a fantastic job of smothering him defensively. He picked up 11 points, shooting a subpar 45 percent from the field. He did a fantastic job facilitating, despite struggling to find a consistent offensive rhythm.

With 26 seconds remaining in game two, Luxe forced a turnover that would ultimately seal the game and the series as Liquid Aftermath advances to the next round.

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