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No Look

PG: Bash

SG: Kaii


PF: Krazy

C: Slaughter

Team Invasion 


SG: Cheese

SF: Glitchie

PF: Grape

C: Carryin

Game One: No Look defeats Team Invasion 50-30

Game Two: No Look defeats Team Invasion 61-32

Keys To The Series 

Bash was effective from start to finish in game one. He accumulated 18 points, shooting a spectacular 70 percent from the field thanks to the defensive lapses from Glitchie. He did a solid job of facilitating and limiting his turnovers.

KJ was inefficient from the field throughout as TB did a spectacular job smothering him defensively. He picked up 7 points, shooting a dreadful 22 percent from the field while struggling to find a consistent offensive rhythm throughout. Stagnant offense and turnovers proved to be costly in game one.

No Look did an unbelievable job forcing turnovers throughout game one. They were frequently able to convert those turnovers into points.

After outscoring Team Invasion 13-7 in the second quarter of game one, No Look never looked back, as they went on to take a 1-0 series lead over Team Invasion.

In game two, Bash was productive throughout, collecting a dominant 22 points and shooting an extraordinary 81 percent from the field thanks to the defensive struggles from Glitchie.  Bash did a great job limiting his turnovers as well.

KJ was ineffectual from the field throughout game two as TB did a superb job wreaking havoc defensively. He collected 16 points, shooting a poor 38 percent from the field as offensive inconsistencies and turnovers came back to haunt him.

After outscoring Team Invasion 24-12 in the second quarter, No Look continued their phenomenal play, as they went on to defeat Team Invasion in dominant fashion.

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