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Zero Gaming

PG: Tay

SG: Gazuli 

SF: Bag


C: Willosauce

Why Not Us

PG: Kenny 

SG: Reese

SF: Jarsity 

PF: Seese 

C: Sleepski 

Zero Gaming defeats Why Not Us 55-45

Keys To The Game 

Tay was effective from the field throughout as Jarsity struggled to contain him at times. He accumulated 18 points, shooting 50 percent from the field. He also did a solid job facilitating.

Zero Gaming did a quality job forcing turnovers throughout the game, occasionally converting those turnovers into points.

Zero Gaming was able to take advantage of a splendid third quarter, outscoring Why Not Us 14-6. From that point forward, they never looked back as they went on to secure the tightly contested victory.

Kenny was efficient from the field throughout the game as Zero Gaming struggled to find an answer defensively at times. He stockpiled 20 points, shooting 61 percent from the field, but ultimately it was not enough as turnovers and periods of lifeless offense led to the demise of Why Not Us.

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