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Hoop Nation

PG: Spam

SG: Trey

SF: Wins

PF: Dtrick 

C: AngelBuckz



SG: Johnny 

SF: Fluke Lock

PF: Glo

C: Dimez

Game One: Hoop Nation defeats Breakout 55-42

Game Two: Hoop Nation defeats Breakout 55-44

Keys To The Series 

In game one, Trey was excellent from start to finish. He led the way on both ends of the floor. Offensively, he accumulated 21 points, shooting a tremendous 72 percent from the field thanks in part to the defensive shortcomings from Johnny. Defensively, he did a fantastic job wreaking havoc, limiting Johnny to a measly 12 percent from the field.

CP was effective from the field throughout the game. He picked up 11 points and shot 62 percent from the field thanks to the occasional defensive blunders from Wins. Ultimately, it wasn’t enough with turnovers and inefficient offense proving to be the thorn in the side of Breakout throughout game one.

Spam was efficacious from the field thanks to the defensive miscues from Fluke Lock. He racked up 20 points, shooting an above average 63 percent from the field while doing a spectacular job facilitating and limiting his turnovers.

Hoop Nation was able to take advantage of a commanding second quarter, outscoring Breakout 17-12. From that point forward, they never looked back, moving on to defeat Breakout in game one.

In game two, Spam was exceptional from the field.  He gathered 21 points, shooting 57 percent from the field thanks to the defensive deficiencies from Fluke Lock. He did a terrific job facilitating and minimizing his turnovers.

Hoop Nation was able to take advantage of an electrifying third quarter, outscoring Breakout 16-4. From then on, Hoop Nation went on to secure the series sweep and win the MPBA Weekend Tournament.

CP was exceptional from the field throughout game two. He assembled 19 points, shooting a stellar 87 percent from the field with Wins struggling to contain him. In the end, turnovers and periods of stagnant offense hindered Breakout in game two.

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