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Heart Crushers

PG: Cubehead14


SF: FreakyTre


C: DjLayyy


PG: Claude

SG: Glizz

SF: Zayy


C: Crown

Defiance defeats Heart Crushers 71-56

Keys To The Series 

Glizz was formidable from start to finish, thanks to a lackluster performance defensively from OGFRED. He racked up an amazing 31 points, shooting 70 percent from the field.

OGFRED was inefficient from the field as Glizzy did a terrific job wreaking havoc defensively. He held him to 23 points, shooting a mediocre 34 percent. Offensive inefficiency and turnovers proved to be costly in this matchup for Heart Crushers.

Cubehead 14s performance from the field was lacking, with Zayy doing an exceptional job containing him defensively. He added 9 points while shooting a subpar 42 percent from the field, while turning the ball over 6 times.

Defiance was able to frequently force turnovers throughout the game, often converting those turnovers into points offensively.

Defiance was able to take advantage of a stunning second quarter, outscoring Heart Crushers 19-5. From that point forward, they never looked back, earning their way into the next round after pulling off the victory.

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