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Liquid Aftermath 

PG: Mooch

SG: Jyden

SF: Luxe

PF: Oreo

C: Idris 

No Look

PG: Bash

SG: Kaii


PF: Krazy

C: Slaughter

Game One: Liquid Aftermath defeats No Look 58-45

Game Two: Liquid Aftermath defeats No Look 59-47

Keys To The Series 

In game one, Mooch was effective from the field. He accumulated an excellent 18 points, shooting 53 percent from the field thanks to the defensive miscues From TB. He also did a solid job of facilitating throughout the game.

Bash was efficient from the field thanks to the defensive mislaps at times from Luxe. He collected an admirable 13 points, shooting 57 percent from the field. 

Liquid Aftermath did a phenomenal job forcing turnovers throughout game one, repeatedly converting those turnovers into points on the offensive end.

After outscoring No Look 23-6 in the second quarter of game one , Liquid Aftermath never looked back, as they went on to defeat No Look to take a 1-0 series lead. Periods of stagnant offense and turnovers proved to be costly for No Look.

In game two, Mooch continued his exceptional performance. He stockpiled 24 points shooting an above average 60 percent from the field thanks to the defensive shortcomings from TB throughout the game. Mooch did an amazing job facilitating and limiting his turnovers.

Bash was productive from the field throughout the game due in part to the occasional mishaps from Luxe defensively. He assembled 11 points, shooting a quality 57 percent from the field. Ineffectual offense throughout the 4th quarter came back to haunt No Look as they dropped the series to Liquid Aftermath.

Liquid Aftermath was able to take advantage of a stunning fourth quarter, outscoring No Look 17-5 as they went on to pull off the massive upset.

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