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Fire Sticks Gaming

PG: Jyden

SG: Thxnkyuu

SF: Spartan 

PF: Jrod

C: Goat_Swagg_

Mind Control

PG: Symelo

SG: Rangless

SF: Sweaty

PF: BuhKei

C: Pratt

Mind Control defeats Fire Sticks Gaming 53-48

Keys To The Series 

Rangless was efficient throughout the game as Jyden couldn’t contain him despite a fierce effort. He accumulated 27 points while shooting an above average 57 percent from the field.

Symelo was ineffective from the field throughout the game, finishing with a minuscule 8 points and shooting a grim 30 percent from the field. He did an adequate job facilitating and limiting his turnovers. Thxnkyuu did a fantastic job containing him defensively. 

Jyden was excellent from start to finish as Sweaty struggled to stay in front of him in spite of his best efforts. Jyden stockpiled 29 points, shooting an amazing 80 percent from the field. Ultimately, it was not enough as turnovers and periods of stagnant offense came back to haunt Fire Sticks Gaming. Despite outscoring Mind Control 17-12 in the fourth quarter, Fire Sticks Gaming was unable to overcome their slow start offensively, dropping the game to Mind Control.

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