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Gold Gang 

PG: Three

SG: Feaky 

SF: Swann

PF: Irritated 


Each 1 Teach 1

PG: OnlyFansContent

SG: P5Bully

SF: WoeZart

PF: Cwffh

C: ImTucked

No Respect defeats Each 1 Teach One 44-18

Keys To The Game 

Three was effective from the field throughout the game as WoeZart was unable to stay in front of him. He accumulated 13 points, shooting a solid 62 percent from the field. He also did a great job of limiting his turnovers.

OnlyFansContent was ineffective from the field from start to finish. He collected an abysmal 3 points, shooting only 16 percent with Swann wreaking havoc defensively throughout the game.

No Respect was frequently able to force turnovers throughout the game, repeatedly converting those turnovers into points.

Gold Gang was able to take advantage of a strong second quarter, outscoring Each 1 Teach 1 17-9. From that point forward, No Respect went on to secure the dominant victory.

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